Sam Van Roosbroeck

Experienced working on feature films, promos, music videos, commercials, corporate and television.


I am Sam Van Roosbroeck, a Belgium based cinematographer with my own equipment and able to travel everywhere around the globe. Experienced working on feature films, promos, music videos, commercials and television.

My previous projects include both national and international tv series (such as Salamander 2, the norwegian Okkupert 2, the dutch Brussel), tv shows (such as The Voice Van Vlaanderen) international feature films (such as the multi awarded A Quiet Passion, Papi the Movie), both national and international short films (such as the multi awarded Nur, Arrived, EXITUS), Music videos (Freaky Age, De Mens, Rooftop Renegades, The Grassroots Movement), commercial work, live captations (The Beauty and the Beast musical by Disney), documentaries (such as this one in Farsi  events, corporate videos,… I am fluent in dutch and english and speak basic french. I have my own filmmaking kit and can work in a crew or alone. I can work with all industry standard camera and lighting equipment and have been in the camera department since the day I started. 

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"Working with Sam was a great pleasure. The first time I met him, I immediately felt that we would be on the same page. He's a hard working, dedicated and very professional DOP. No words needed while working with him, he feels exactly how to tell the story in perfect camera and light settings".

-Aza Declercq, Actress & Director of the Cannes nominated film: 'La Muerte De Cupido'
"I've worked with Sam a few times now and he's terrific. I had total confidence in everything he shot as I knew it would look fantastic, but in addition he's very professional, very approachable and open to talking through ideas and working together to make the best film possible."

-Lawrence Sheldon, Actor
"During 23 consecutive days I worked from 6am to 12pm with Sam and not a single moment that seemed too much for him. His work was consistent and of high quality throughout the whole period"

-Kjell Clarysse, Filmmaker, Director of 'Papi'
"Working with Sam has been a wonderful experience. We share the same love and passion for the job well done. He trusts me as much as I trusts him. Sam really is a person I wish I can work with more in the future because I know no matter how hard it gets, he will get the job done and provide our audience with a great cinematic experience."

-Davide Dúrbano, Actor
"I know Sam from the shooting of "Papi the movie" beside him holding and operating his camera, we took time to chat and know each other He is an easy going human being. All I can say is, he is understanding, patient and also convincing. He knows how to listen and later speak when it's only important. I'm looking forward forward working with him in the future. With Sam it is always more than work. It's making films."

-Zizuke Zigashane, Actor, filmmaker, currently shooting his own feature film in Uganda
"He might have the appearance of a caveman, but his approach is anything but primal. Sam is an upfront communicator and very hardworking. A cinematographic fanatic with an exceptional eye."

-Kenn Crombé, Director, writer
"I had the luck to work together with Sam in the framework of a movie that was shot in Uganda and in which I played one of main characters. From the first experience, I was struck me the most was his unprecedented patience and professional way to deal with the set. It must be said that we had a lot of setbacks while shooting the movie, but Sam always kept an unseen calm and professional attitude. The process was at times very strenuous: short nights, a lack of sleep, shooting in suboptimal circumstances, the need to improvise and working long hours. Not a single moment have I read any sign of frustration on Sam’s face. What’s more, Sam would be the last person to call it a day and would only finish a scene when he was satisfied with the result. It was Sam who had the ability to lift the creative process to another level, always reminding the crew member to the one and only thing that matters: the final result. From this perspective, Sam boosted everyone’s confidence on set and has the rare gift to encourage people, approaching every single individual in a human, friendly, but also honest way. It was not only an honour, but also a very instructive experience to be working with a director of photography like Sam Van Roosbroeck."

-Frederik Declercq, Actor
"Having Sam in the crew of my first feature film meant having a deeply involved and passionate DOP who knew the story by heart, felt the exact emotions and perfectly knew how to translate those into light and image. But it didn't stop there. His suggestions for me on the directing part were crucial in keeping a consistent portrayal of the story"

-Kjell Clarysse, Filmmaker, Director of 'Papi'
"Sam has a very professional and calm attitude, working on set looks like a second nature to him."

-Neal Willaert, Sound recordist
"Sam Van Roosbroeck has achieved the balance of imagination and work ethic that eludes some in the creative industry. He is innovative and resourceful. He is also generous. This, and his focus on finding solutions, is what made him stand out as a student at the International Academy of Film and Television and what now makes him a valuable player on professional productions.

Sam’s technical proficiency is evident in his personal projects, but I think his work for others speaks volumes for his ability to listen to and integrate the diverse directives to successfully realize a project. He understands that there are practical and creative challenges and works to minimize both while maximizing work flow for efficiency as well as a positive environment. I witnessed the latter on several occasions where Sam skillfully negotiated for time and resources for a better on set experience.

Any education has its limits. Sam took the best of this one and pushed it further with his drive and determination. I have no doubt he will make great contributions in the industry with the same curiosity, passion and resolve that earned him the respect of his mentors and peers.

I recommend Sam without reservation. He understands the value in an opportunity and works hard. "

-Diane Porcella, DIrector of the International Academy of Film and Television


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